Departments Introduction

Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature

     In 1990, the Graduate Institute of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chung Cheng University was established. It focused on studies of British and American literatures. In 1992, the Department started admissions to its undergraduate program, which aimed to prepare students in the fields of British and American literatures, linguistics, and English teaching. In 2004, the Graduate Institute was divided into two programs: foreign literatures and language as well as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). In 2008, these two programs became two separate, independent graduate institutes. 

    Our Department aims at developing students’ professional qualities: foreign languages and literature; humanistic values and cultural innovations; social concern, service, and practice; lifelong learning. Undergraduate students are expected to cultivate the following core abilities: effective communication and language skills, classics comprehension and analysis, problem-solving and research, creativity and innovation, technology application and literacy, and global vision and awareness of cultural diversity. Students of the graduate programs are supposed to possess the following core abilities: integration and application of theories, application of research methods, pedagogical innovation, as well as academic presentation and publishing.

    Students graduated from our Department pursue various cross-disciplinary careers and advanced studies. Many of them serve as teachers at schools of different levels. Moreover, some have done well in the fields of law, mass communication, finance, management, journalism, editing and translation, airline, tourism, and private educational institutes. Others continue to pursue advanced studies at master and doctoral programs, such as foreign literatures and languages, arts, TEFL, management, sports and recreation, law, and adult education. (line)