About us


Kuo-Jung Chen

Job Title

Dean of the College of Humanities



PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
MA, National Taiwan University
BA, National Taiwan Normal University

Tel (05) 2720725
Fax (05) 2720726
Email colliber@ccu.edu.tw

Li-Chuan Lee


 Secretary of the College of Humanities


  1. Receiving and dispatching of official documents
  2. Management and verification of funds
  3. Arrangement of meetings and execution of resolutions
  4. Submission for verification of promotion of teachers and information of new teachers
  5. Dealing of various cases of application 
  6. Negotiation among units
  7. Other affairs
Email admljl@ccu.edu.tw

Po-Sheng Wu


Administrative Assistant

  1. Responsible for college budget and scholarship allocation.
  2. Responsible for the management and rental of lecture hall, conference room, and equipment.
  3. Responsible for university anniversary (Sport’s day) arrangement.
  4. Responsible for high-school visits
  5. Facilities and equipments stocktaking.
  6. Responsible for other provisional affairs.
Email colliber@ccu.edu.tw

Hao-Chih Lin

  1. Responsible for the teaching assistant of the college of humanities(CCU), the whole physical and mental disabilities personnel information-related business.
  2. The data entry work of the website of the college of humanities(CCU) and the website of the Digital Humanities Platform.
  3. Assistin the writing-off and data consolidation of the college of humanities(CCU).
  4. Assisting the administrative services of the Office of the college of humanities(CCU).
  5. Responsible for other provisional affairs.
Tel (05)2720411#21007
Email admlhj@ccu.edu.tw