Departments Introduction

Dept. of History
  • History
        The University was established in July 1989. The master program of the History Department began at August 1991. The undergraduate program of the Department began two year later and the doctoral program one more year later.

  • Staff
        The staff of the History Department is one of the best in Taiwan. All the fourteen full-time and six part-time teachers of the Department graduated with doctoral degrees from prestigious universities abroad and at home.

  • Staff Performance
        Our staff are known for their outstanding performance in research, teaching and student counseling. They have been won three awards of outstanding teaching, three awards of outstanding young scholarship and one award of outstanding tutor in just three years. The result is exceptional as the University grants five winners at the maximum of each of the awards annually.

  • Features
        Freedom is a core value of our Department. We have a clear vision of teaching and well-designed courses. The Middle Ages of China, the Ming and Ch’ing dynasties and the history of Taiwan are the main areas of our teaching and research. The department committed itself to student learning and welfare. The department tutors and the organization of student families tend to our students’ various needs. Our active Department Student Association holds various events all year round. The History Week is one of the most popular ones.

  • Campus and facilities
        We enjoy the most beautiful campus in Taiwan. Our teachers and students work and socialize in the same spacious building of the College of Humanities. All of our offices, study rooms and classrooms are equipped with up-to-date facilities.

  • Career
        The University provides double majors, minors, professional programs, educational programs, language programs, etc. Diverse learning makes brighter career prospects. (link)