Departments Introduction

Dept. of Chinese Literature

    The Department of Chinese Literature was established in 1990 as one of the oldest five Institutes of National Chung Cheng University. The Undergraduate program was founded in 1992, and subsequently the PhD program in 1994. 

    The department aims to inculcate in students the professional abilities for interpretation, critical thinking, research, Chinese linguistics, literature and culture; to broaden student's horizons with both Chinese and global, traditional and modern perspectives, to rediscover new meanings in classics and to employ classical knowledge for modern challenges; to improve student's use of language for expression, and deepen their self-knowledge and communication; while at the same time prepare them for future education or cultural professions through their reading of cultural canons; also help student understand the connection between language use and cultural creativity for humanity concerns and practical application.

    After graduation, students can choose to pursue further education in graduate schools abroad or in Taiwan, or apply for jobs in fields as wide as Chinese teacher, government official, publishing industry, writer, secretary, journalism, advertising, counselling, bibliographic database processing, editor, research assistant, playwright and many other professions that require literary, cultural and linguistic skills. In addition, due to the rising influence of Chinese, Chinese culture studies is thriving in Western countries, individuals with knowledge of Traditional and Simplified Chinese will enjoy more opportunities abroad and in the country. (link)